Flights from Katowice Airport KTW to Rhodes Airport RHO

You have a selection of 4 airlines when departing Pyrzowice to Diagoras. The journey time flying from Pyrzowice to Diagoras Greece is around 2 Hours 50 Minutes. With the distance covered being 1,722 Km (1,070 Miles). The airport code for Pyrzowice is KTW and for Diagoras it is RHO.

The cost of flights varies on the time and day you fly. Diagoras Greece flights may be normally booked months in advance and this may be the best option if you intend to get the best prices from Pyrzowice. We recommend booking your flights to Diagoras Greece in advance as prices normally increase the nearer the departure date.

Please note that the time difference at Diagoras is 2.0 GMT. So remember to change your watch before arriving at Diagoras.

The table below displays the numbers of daily flights from Pyrzowice (KTW) to Diagoras (RHO) and the relevant airlines that fly.

Flights Chart
AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast FlightFlights
Ryanair200020005:3620:47VIEW FLIGHTS
LOT100010005:0019:57VIEW FLIGHTS
Smartwings000010010:2510:25VIEW FLIGHTS
Electra Airways100000008:5008:50VIEW FLIGHTS

The most direct flights offered from Pyrzowice to Diagoras Greece are by Ryanair with around 4 flights a week. These operate from 05:36 with the latest flight being at 20:47. The most popular flight no is RR3001, RR3041, RR7127 and RR7705.

When travelling with Ryanair it would be worth visiting their website for further information on bookings and special offers.

Below you can see the times of all flights. These flight times do vary so we recommend you look on the appropriate airline website for accurate information for the dates you are departing.

Flights Time In WeekDays
DayFlight TimesFlights
Electra AirwaysAMQ132

Instead of flying directly from Pyrzowice and arrive at Diagoras, you may arrive Diagoras by another airport. Please see chart below for a list of these.

Alternative Direct Routes
RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Brno to Rhodes01,691 km (1,051 miles)2 Hours 48 Minutes
Krakow to Rhodes01,666 km (1,035 miles)2 Hours 46 Minutes
Ostrava to Rhodes01,682 km (1,045 miles)2 Hours 47 Minutes
Poznan to Rhodes01,987 km (1,235 miles)3 Hours 9 Minutes
Warsaw to Rhodes01,840 km (1,143 miles)2 Hours 58 Minutes
Warsaw to Rhodes01,877 km (1,166 miles)3 Hours 1 Minute
Wroclaw to Rhodes01,861 km (1,156 miles)3 Hours

Please check before travelling to Diagoras that a travel visa is not required.

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Flight Price FAQ - Katowice (KTW) to Rhodes (RHO)

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What is the cheapest return flight from Katowice KTW to Rhodes RHO?
The cheapest return flight from Katowice KTW to Rhodes RHO is £232.05 ($294 €274.50)
$294 | €274.50
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Flight Info FAQ - Katowice (KTW) to Rhodes (RHO)

Who flies from Katowice to Rhodes?
The following airlines fly from Katowice (KTW) to Rhodes (RHO): Electra Airways, LOT, Ryanair, Smartwings.
How far is the flight from Katowice to Rhodes?
The flight from Katowice to Rhodes is 1,722KM or 1,070 miles.
How long does the flight from Katowice to Rhodes to take?
The flight from Katowice to Rhodes takes 2 Hours 50 Minutes.

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